about our history

Garmdare Manufacturing and Industrial Company is proud to serve you, dear consumer, with more than 40 years of brilliant and well-known experience in the field of producing syrups, juices, hot and cold sauces, preserves, pickles, lemon juice and other products. The products of this company under the Vejin brand are produced from the best natural raw materials based on national standards and under the supervision of experienced experts under completely hygienic and controlled conditions. Guarantee the health and well-being of you and your family by using Vejin quality products.

  About Us

Garmdare industrial production company started its official activity under the brand name “Vejin” in 1359.

The approach of this company is to produce and distribute quality products in the field of food and edibles. In line with advancing its goals, which is entrepreneurship and introducing Iranian taste in domestic and foreign markets, this company has continued its activity by creating a new phase of development and has tried to produce diverse products with first-class and high-quality raw materials; Among the products produced by this company, we can mention all kinds of syrups, juices and fruit drinks in different flavors, hot and cold sauces, preserves, lemon juice and tomato paste with Vejin brand.


The two product baskets of syrup and juice are among the long-standing and well-known products of the Vejin brand.

This company produces 53 products in various categories of syrups, drinks, hot and cold sauces; Developing healthy drinks is one of the important goals of the company.

With natural processing and no use of preservatives in some of its products, Vejin has been able to receive the highest national standards by equipping an advanced quality control and research laboratory.

production unit

The production unit of this company is located in Alborz province, Garmdare city, with an area of 13000 square meters.

This factory with 8 separate production lines includes production lines of syrup, fruit juice, cold and hot sauces in individual, store and bulk weights with appropriate capacity to serve our dear compatriots.

Indicators :

Using natural and high-quality raw materials
Price and purchase value
Quality, taste and aroma